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Let's See the Guide Step by Step

Insects Screens are manufactured with Different Materials, following are few, which are done by Bergmount.

Aluminum Mosquito Net Screen:

  • Aluminum fly screens have plain weaving providing uniform texture and thus gives a sturdy and firm look. They come in traditional basic colors of black, white, grey and silver.
  • These are typically made of Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy, thus increasing the strength of the material.
  • These screens can be used for both door and window applications and don’t take much time for installation.
  • Aluminum is very sturdy and durable, thereby even strong gust of wind doesn’t break it. Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and rust. Thereby, it can withstand wet climatic conditions like rain and storm and still stay rust-free.

Incomparably, Comparing with other Harmful biting insects, Mosquitoes Killing increased 15% in the last Decade which bring Chicken Gunea, Dengue,

  • These screens are easily available and more economical than other materials, but still providing resistance against UV rays which are harmful to humans.
  • These screens are very lightweight and it doesn’t require any maintenance or repair works apart from occasional dust vacuuming.
  • It lasts very long compared to other materials because of its durability and strength.
  • Since they are quite strong, species like mice and rats can’t cut their way through the material, thereby damaging the screen.
window mosquito screen Chennai

 Fiberglass fly screen is considered to be the most affordable and highly used compared to other screens.

  • It is mainly made of vinyl-coated fiberglass threads which are not just flexible but also provides clear visibility from inside the home because of its opaque nature.
  • It is available in the market in heavy-duty and standard grades. The heavy-duty grade can stay firm during the gust of wind and any climatic conditions. Standard grades are considered to be the cheapest material which is not highly recommended though.
  • Since it is flexible, if high force is applied, it bends rather than breaking.
  • It comes with varieties of color like silver, pastel, black, bronze, gray and can be changed according to the interior designs.
  • It has the capability to filter out UV rays. It is resistant to corrosion, thereby it can withstand climatic conditions like rain and storm.
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  • It is heat and fire resistant hence doesn’t melt in the fire or doesn’t burn in high temperature either.
  • Fiberglass tends to fade away with prolonged UV exposure and it is not as durable as other materials.
  • It doesn’t require any additional maintenance apart from cleaning the dust every few months.
  • It tends to be brittle over time and break easily. Mice and rats can easily scratch and cut through the material making holes.
  • The material creates a mesh which is much denser than aluminum, thus restricting the sunlight entering the room.
  • Even though it is the least expensive material, because of its less lifetime, it is not highly preferred.
Aluminum insect screen

Bergmount Mosquito Screens have initiated scheme for Bulk Purchase, we provide discounted Price with ISO Grade Quality.

Galvanized Steel Mosquito Screen

  • It is made of low carbon steel wire which is usually galvanized before or after weaving. It can either be electrically galvanized or hot-dipped based on the manufacturer’s preference.
  • Because of the galvanizing product, it is quite expensive than other materials and are very hard to find and are not easily available in the local market.
  • It usually comes in white and bluish white colors. Bluish white is highly recommended as it is much lighter and more corrosion resistant.
galvanized insect screen
  • They don’t block much sunlight; therefore, much light gets transmitted to the room.
  • Since it is very light, the air flow through the material is much better than other materials.
  • It is highly corrosive and fire resistant. Thereby, it can withstand any climate and can bare even high temperature.
  • It is highly flexible; thus, it takes a lot of force to break it.
  • Similar to fiberglass material, it is prone to scratches and tearing from species like mice and rats.
  • Since it can be rolled, it takes much less space to clean and vacuum it, thereby creating no fuss.

Copper Mosquito Screen

  • Commercial copper fly screens are made of 90% copper and 10% zinc in it. These screens are generally very strong and can’t break easily.
  • Pure copper tends to be corrosive and changes to green color after prolonged exposure to salt, but with the mix of zinc, these screens are corrosion resistant and are preferred in salt water surroundings like beach houses.
  • This screen is resistant to acid. So, if any cleaning chemicals with acidic nature are used to clean the screens, it won’t get affected.
  • During sunlight, it produces a dark bronze color effect which gives a very good look to the house.
copper mosquito screen
  • Sunlight’s reflection on copper can create a nice optical effect and this color goes well with the house designs too.
  • Since, these are not flexible, removing and cleaning the screen can be quite tedious and re installation might take more time.
  • Since these are quite strong, it doesn’t get cut by mice and rats like other materials.
  • Since copper is a natural resource, it is more expensive than plastic or nylon. Thus, these screens are very expensive but can be used for a very long time.

Stainless Steel Mosquito Screen

  • These stainless-steel screens are highly durable and have high strength. It is very light-weight compared to copper.
  • It has high resistance to corrosion and rust. Hence, it can with any climate and can be used in the saltwater environment.
  • It is both acid and alkaline resistant, thus any cleaning product can be used in cleaning these screens.
  • Since it’s mesh is not dense, it provides the room with good airflow and sunlight.
  • It comes in black and white color. Black is highly recommended as it provides good visibility and a glare-free view from inside.
  • It can be a little difficult to remove and clean it as it is very stiff with no flexibility.
stainless steel screens for your home

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Epoxy Coated Mosquito Screen

This is generally made by epoxy coating stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or copper wires. These wires with epoxy coated are weaved in a mesh form to create this mosquito screen.

This epoxy coated gives protection against corrosion. This is much more durable and stronger than the original material.

This coating can be done in a variety of color; thus, the screens are available in white, black, blue, yellow, green, gray, etc., It has good flexibility, so installation, cleaning can be done easily.

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epoxy insect screen

These screens are not just used to keep the insects away, but because of the durability, they are also used in filtering like oil. Because of the coating, they provide very good visibility from the inside of the room.

Pet Animals Mosquito Screen

Almost every insect screen prevents the entry of insects and bug but is always scratched and breaks due to pets. The above-mentioned screens are not strong enough to bare the push of kids or the pets. That’s where polyester coated fiberglass screens come into practice. 

When pressure is applied to the screen, instead of breaking, they flex due to the property of fiberglass. It is found to be 6 to 7 times stronger than the other materials and therefore resilient to scratches, wear, and tear. Even if your pet uses its claw or bites the screen, because of its flexibility and high durability, it doesn’t tear. 

pet insect screen

Rectangular Shaped 

We have Installed over 280+ Rectangular Shaped Nets

Aluminum insect screen

But it doesn’t pose any threat to pets’ health either. Because of its mesh weaving, it provides excellent airflow and great visibility. It can be mainly used in areas where your pets have access to like the door and windows. It comes in standard black and gray colors. Because of these colors and thickness of the material, the light transmission is little low than other screens.  

Different Shaped Mosquito Nets for use - Bergmount Designs

Until now we have discussed the different materials which are used in mosquito nets. So, now based on the merits and demerits, you have decided the material for the net but what kind of screen would you like? Sliding doors model, roll up window,

Velcro sticking design? There are many varieties of these designs. We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of these designs one by one, so can get a brief idea about which model will be better suited for your home.

Bergmount team invested lot of human efforts to create a Insect Screen Design depending upon the customer customized needs. We have taken the designs to next stage to satisfy customers.

If you are considering net for your bed, you could see many varieties like bell top mosquito nets, frame type, pyramid shape, nets with or without openings. But it all comes down to only two categories.

Whether the mosquito net is going to be hung from the ceiling through a hoop or bell or whether the net is going to be simple to the supports which are available for the bed forming a rectangular shape. These all nets come with one or two openings or with no openings at all.

Cone-Shaped Mosquito Screen

Hook, hoop, bell-shaped metal is hung from the ceilings through which the nets are looped making a cone-shaped cover over the bed.

This is one of the widely used mosquito nets as these are inexpensive and doesn’t require any additional setting apart from the hoop. These nets come in various colors which could go very well with your interior design.

This type is highly preferred because of its classy and rich look. Installation and storing the net is very easy as the top ring could be folded with the actual net. In the market, these types come with various hole sizes.

It is always best to choose the ones with very small holes as they present entry of all bugs to the utmost level. In hoop-like net, there will be two types- one with opening and another without curtain-like opening.

In nets without opening, you have to crawl under the net which could very well get tangled up resulting in a mess. But with the curtain-like opening, it is easy to get in and out without any fuss. But, there needs to be a good method to close the opening like zippers, ties, velcro, etc.,  


  •    It doesn’t require additional support and can very well hang just from the hoop.
  •    It comes in different designs and colors that it suits well with the interior design.
  •    The installation is very simple compared to other types.
  •    It provides good air-circulation, thereby doesn’t give the feeling of suffocation.
  •    The net can either hand-washed or machine-washed to remove any stains.


  •    Since, its shaped like a cone, there isn’t much vertical space which results in you always keeping your head low to avoid hitting your head.
  •    As it doesn’t cover much space, it always leads to getting tangled with the nets creating a fuss.
  •    The metal ring or hoop might break if too much pressure is applied to it like a tug from your pet.

Rectangular Shaped 

We have Installed over 280+ Rectangular Shaped Nets

Aluminum insect screen

Rectangular Shaped 

We have Installed over 280+ Rectangular Shaped Nets

Aluminum insect screen

Rectangular-Shaped Mosquito Screen

These nets are usually hung from the four supports of the bed or the four corners of the net can be attached to clips or nails in the ceiling. But either way, it provides a rectangular shape over the bed resulting in more space than cone-shaped nets

It comes with either four side opening or a single side opening based on the user’s preference. In most of the cases, the mosquitoes tend to stick to the nets as the holes are too small for them to enter.

With cone-shaped nets, it is inevitable for the person to get in touch with the net while sleeping because it provides very less space. But, rectangular nets provide vast space for the sleeping person, thereby saving them from mosquito bites, unlike cone-shaped ones

The four posters provide more strength and stability to the nets, thus doesn’t tear with more pressure.


  •    Because of the vast space, there is no reason for the user to get tangled up in the nets.
  •    It provides more light-transmission and gives better visibility from the inside.
  •    It can be placed at different heights from the bed based on the user’s preference.
  •    Because of its shape, it provides better air-flow.


  • Installation can be difficult as it needs to be attached to four places and they are quite heavy. If frames are to be added, then it will take additional time, resources and money.
  • Since the four corners of the net are open, they need to be tied with the frames, otherwise, it might leave space for the mosquitoes to enter.
  • Installation can be difficult as it needs to be attached to four places and they are quite heavy. If frames are to be added, then it will take additional time, resources and money.
  • Since the four corners of the net are open, they need to be tied with the frames, otherwise, it might leave space for the mosquitoes to enter.

How to Protect Yourself from these Harmful Insects

Precaution is better than cure. So, taking necessary precautions is better than taking treatments after getting the disease. There are many ways which can be used to protect yourselves from mosquitoes. One such way is to attach mosquito nets or screens through the openings in the home like windows, ventilators and even doors.

net mosquito screen

But, sometimes people think whether this is worth it. There are always other options like using mosquito incense sticks, mosquito killing electric bats. Why should people go with screen windows which are obviously costlier than the easier options? Let’s point out why using screen windows are a much better option.

If you install insect screens to your windows, then you can keep your windows open allowing air circulation in the room and keeping the insects away.

  • Mosquito incense has been found to have carcinogens which are very harmful if inhaled by humans. It has been found that the smoke can even cause cancer if inhaled for a prolonged time. Many people have allergies and asthma effect due to inhaling of this smoke too.
  • One thing which makes people think about not installing window screens is that it might spoil the interior of their homes. Many manufacturers even produce the frames of the screens with different colors to match the interior.
  • Even though these screens are little expensive, they are an upfront investment and doesn’t require replacement or repair for years. Thus, overall it is considered to be a higher good investment.
  • The strings in the net are coated with aluminum because of which rusting doesn’t happen. It provides a good durability to the screen making it last longer.
  • One advantage is that you need not compromise with these window screens. However big or small your windows might be, manufacturers will always be able to provide you with the exact size and shape.
  • These screens not just keep away insects but also dust. You can very well see that your screens might get dusty after a few months as it keeps the dirt from entering the room. Thus, for every few months, it needs to be dusted and vacuumed.
Netlon Mosquito net

We have established that insect screens are best. But, there are wide varieties of materials which can be used for these screens. We will take a look into the most popular and commonly used materials.

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