Bergmount Mosquito Net Chennai, bringing a revolutionary mosquito net concepts for your home and surrounding. Nature is always connected to mankind, really great. But Nature brings some harmful insects too. Mosquitoes are more common among in these list of insects. Mosquitoes are born from contaminated and stagnant water. Though we live in Smart and Metropolitan City, we have the problem of environmental pollution. We don’t have proper drainage system, limited health reforms. We cannot stop these environmental problems but we can safeguard or protect our family and friends from these harmful insects.

Mesh Application:Mosquito Net for Windows in Chennai, Doors, Sliders and Roof are made up of screen with mesh application. Mesh application is basic for all types of nets. It can be with any forms.

These Mosquito Net take different form to protect you from Mosquitoes and different insects.

Velcro Type
Door Type
Roll Up
Velcro Type Mosquito Net for windows in Chennai:

These type are more common in households and Offices. These type of mosquito net for windows process are old and they are in market for more than 3 to 4 decades. Still Economy People prefer these systems. This is cost effective than other types. We bergmount have created a new Mesh Applicant for the Durability of the Product. Nets are attached with Hooks and Loops. Where this is common and easy.

Depending upon your Windows size We Cut the Size of the Mesh Screen and stitch with Loops.

Hooks are attached with windows. For Wooden windows we use Industry Staple and if it is Metal or Pvc we use Superior Glue to stick them. The Process is simple and finished. Loops are then fitted with Hooks with a perfect fitting.

Velcro Type Mosquito Net with Magnetic Strips:

Since the evolution of the Technology and design. People prefer the Magnetic strips.more than the ordinary Loops and Hooks system. Mosquito Net for Windows with magnetic strips are more efficient and easy than the Loops and Hooks format.

Features :

With your visualization you really see it as an invisible door.
You can feel the breeze in front of the window.
Easy to Install and remove the Mosquito net.
Easily washable
Light Weight
Very Thin.
Low cost
Magnetic models are very easy to handle than any other type.
Door Type Mosquito Net For Windows in Chennai :

This Model is becoming popular in chennai. Bergmount Door Type are Durable. Door Type Net are Made with aluminium or Pvc. It depends upon the clients requirement. Making Mosquito Net in PVC will reduce the cost. The Quality and standard are equal to each other. We Prefer our clients to choose Aluminium door which long lasting duration. Door Type are more comfortable, there are attached to windows frame. They are sleek and thin in size which fits the door perfectly. We crafted it with premium quality. This gives a premium satisfaction for our customers. Door Type are best in working and safe from rough weather.

Installation of Door Type Mosquito Net for Windows in Chennai :

We have High Skilled labors who have more than a decade experience. Our Technician Install the windows door with perfect measurements and there is no room for doubts. Installing need time and man power. Door Frame are built with High Quality Aluminium, we allow our clients to choose the mesh material type. They can choose it either a glass mesh or stainless steel mesh. Both the meshes are ISO CERTIFIED. As per the clients requirement the mosquito net for windows are installed either inside or outside the window frame.

Features of Mosquito Net For Windows in Chennai:

We have a premium Quality meshes. Both the Mesh, Fiber Glass Mesh or Stainless Steel Mesh have a better visual with y.our naked eye.
Aluminium Frames are coated with premium quality Dust free chemical (powder)
Two Colour Frames – White & Brown
Rust Free Material fully made with high quality Aluminium.
Long lasting Frames, Low Weight, Easily removable and Easily Washable.
Roll Up Mosquito Net For Windows in Chennai :

Mosquito Net are Rolled Upward and Pulled Downwards manually. This mechanism is different and considered as premium. They look very luxury in nature. The Mesh Applicant is very durable than any other mosquito meshes. Because of this roller mechanism the mosquito net are designed with higher tolerance. Little bit Pricey than others. Roll up frames are made with Aluminium. These frame are very well built with durable Metal which does not rust themselves.

Modern Look with Luxury Style.
Weather Proof and can tolerate any temperature.
Use it When ever you need it.
Durable and Tough Mesh Net.
Easy to Pull and release the Thread.
100 % Relief From Mosquitoes.
Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows in Chennai

Sliding Pleated Mosquito Net:

We are prominent names in the industry for offering a wide range of Sliding Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows, that is highly used for reducing the requirement of using mosquito coils and repellents as well as help in keeping the surroundings clean and healthy. Apart from this, we are offering customized solutions to our esteemed clients as per their specific requirements.

Vertical Pleated Mosquito Net:

We crafted a strict foothold in the industry by offering a premium quality collection of Vertical Pleated Mosquito Net for Windows to our customers. These products are best in working and safe from rough weather. In addition to this, offered nets are ideally used for the latest sliding insect screen system for door and window

A great solution for huge openings. This sliding door fitment rolls on a thin plastic strip that hardly

obstructs movement of people. An advanced fitment option for premium homes and interiors, it adds sophistication to the atmosphere it is used and effectively stops mosquitoes or insects into the living area. It has the option to use a single shutter or twin shutter opening

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