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What You Need To Have A Perfect Security Systems

CCTV Camera have lot of application. A surveillance system can be designed for a small home, as well as it can for a corporation located in a giant skyscraper with armed guards and evil laughter in the halls.

STEP 1: Everyone have their own need and requirements, first we have to identify the need. Just Try to grab information from CCTV Camera Dealer.

Do you want to monitor the Movement of people ?
Do you want to monitor visitors or to recognize Faces?
Grab the shopping pattern of your customer?
Do you want to prevent shoplifting ?
Do you want to increase employee productivity ?
If Yes, how many CCTV’S from your CCTV Dealers ?
Number of Cameras you Required.
Hard drive storage for video footage.
Appropriate power and cables.
Appropriate video recording software and/or hardware.
At least one sort of video monitor to view the footage.
Which type of surveillance camera should i buy.
Find the Best Security Camera Distributors in Chennai.

Step 2 : You Need to Choose the CCTV Type and Price

Wired CCTV : Standard Wired CCTV Camera is the traditional one which can be seen in many places even now.

These cameras will have INFRARED cut filter for night vision to make the picture clear in back and white. These kind of CCTV Camera have BNC or DIN Terminations.

Wireless CCTV : Wireless Cameras are technology up gradation. The Existing Wired CCTV Cameras are effectively turning into Wireless cameras because it is cost effective, no need of additional wire when you expand your footage location.

We Procure our Products from top list of CCTV Camera Manufacturers in Chennai and India.

Internet protocol CCTV Camera Or IP: These kind of cameras are the final one. These cameras connect to your computer router. IP Cameras allows you to access the CCTV Camera from Remote location over the Internet. It can be directed to your computer or to a Network Video Recorder. Bergmount is one of the Top CCTV Wholesale Dealers in Chennai.

Step 3: Quality and Type of the Imaging Chip.

CCTV Security Cameras capture images using CMOS or CCD Chips. Low Cost CCTV Cameras Uses CMOS Technology which produce poor quality video and have poor light sensitivity. Some Cameras have higher price, they can produce decent quality and it uses CCD Technology.

The Size of CCD Chip is Normaly 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2. Our main focus should be like higher the size, higher the quality of the image. On the other hand Higher Density 1/4 and 1/3 CCD Chips produce good image.

Basic questions before making any sort of leap

What is my budget ?
What are the lighting conditions I will be facing ?
Will my cameras be in indoor, outdoor, or both ?
Do I already have any equipment setup, & if so is it analog or IP ?
If I’m choosing IP, do I have access to the internet or a network ?
Step 4 : Select Black and White or Color :

When you use CCTV Camera in an environment with low lighting condition, we recommend you to buy a black and white CCTV Camera systems. High resolution color cameras now use an IR Cut-Filter for Built-in night vision. Looking for a live demo, Contact Bergmount CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai.

Step 5: Understanding Light Level:

Lighting Level is one of the most important specifications. Light Level are always measured in LUX. The lower number with less light it will produce a clear image.

Step 6: Monitor:

Selecting the monitor which will match CCTV Camera System.

Step 7 : DVR :

CCTV Camera System with DVR which can record on hard drives is one of the best option.

Step 8: Resolution Calculations:

This is simple theory, higher the resolution and higher the clarity. Camera entry level starts with 330 lines and 400 lines will produce high resolution.

CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai:

Front and back doors
Off-street windows
Large common spaces
DVR Wiring
BNC Cables
Power cords.
Watch Every Coverage location and learn the CCTV Camera Installation Guide.

If your coverage area is big you should have extended cables.

Basic Home Security:

If You are looking for a basic home security, you should buy atleast 1-2 outdoor cameras and a DVR for 3 to 4 days recording

Monitoring Valuables:

Though We keep valuables in a safer place, monitoring them is the most difficult task. Wireless Camera Can Cover wider range than other cameras. 1 or 2 wireless camera can monitor even from small rooms to wider places. In most scenarios our clients prefer wireless camera to monitor their children.

Wireless or Wired CCTV Camera:

Wireless cameras are easy to fix and mostly used for covering small places. In most of the cases house owner prefer wireless cameras for easy install and maintain. If you want to cover more space you should consider of choosing wired cameras.

As a top CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai, our kind advice is please choose wireless camera by thinking about the future.

Indoor or Outdoor CCTV Camera:

Every camera have its own features. Outdoor camera are made to be placed outdoors. If you place a indoor camera for an outdoor environments, chances are that it can be broken due to the harsh environment. So Selecting a Indoor or outdoor camera is must.

Outdoor camera will withstand even in harsh climate like high temperature to – degrees. You should buy a high grade outdoor camera in places like Chennai. CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai will guide you in every step when you choose your camera’s.

Discrete or Out in the Obvious:

This factor is one of the most important factor for installing CCTV camera.

Where to locate it and also finding the best place to fix your camera. Box Camera is large in size and it can be identified by the intruder easily, so the secret is broken here because of the large size visibility. At this point, we have to Install Dome Cameras.
The Spherical shape is smaller in size and it cannot be easily visible. They cover wider range of place and easy to re-install as well. Since CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai will be easy and secure for your place
Monitor Intruder’s:

Intruder’s and Thieves always stay top in technology circle. Overcoming their trap is most difficult problem we all have. Manufacturer’s always come up with new technology but these people have the ability to manipulate it.

As a CCTV owner you have to be very particular in choosing your camera’s from CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai

VMS Analytics:

Appointing Security Guard and watching your place became a traditional one. HD and High Resolution Camera have the capability to spot the trespassers or Intruder’s in a fraction of second. VMS analytics in the security system will notify you immediately and you will be aware of what’s happening around you.

Footage with Complete Records:

Being Accurate, humans cannot be accurate all the time. Humans go to unconscious thinking every time. Even if you appoint a guard to protect your belongings, guard does the same. CCTV Camera give’s you a complete coverage and these footage can be taken as evidence too. DVR Size can be modified upon your needs.

Want to Increase Your Staff Productivity:

You can reduce cost and increase your regular income just by installing CCTV cameras’s. One of our client said he found a 8% increase in production, yes it’s true. People work more when they are watched by others. Just by a low cost monitoring you can increase your income.

Your CCTV Camera Dealers in Chennai can give you a demo on Camera Picturing Clarity and Quality. So you can choose one from them.

Find the Truth:

Humans make mistakes, and they lie because of fear. CCTV Camera will help you to find the truth.


We Strongly recommend you to cover full business area From Raw Material Inward to Dispatch. We have seen result in our previous clients place. They said that they received more productivity after installing the CCTV Camera from the best CCTV Camera Installation in Chennai.

Monitoring them increase productivity. You can confirm the stealing culprits or you an avoid people stealing your goods. End of the day we are here to give excellent service to our client. Depending upon your need, you can buy your camera.

Focal Length:

CCTV Camera Focus adjustment will ensure you, whether the camera image remain in focus. Though you have a regular change in lighting Conditions. Focal Length is a common problem in CCTV Installation, because you can see perfect image during good lighting condition and bad or blur image at night.

This problem happens due to Lens IRIS. During Daylight Lens iris is closed and in moon light the iris is opened. To maintain the focus, the camera need to be back focused with the lens iris. Proper automatic Back-Focus adjustment will help to maintain the Focus balanced.

Checkout Our CCTV Camera Price in Chennai !

Dome CCTV Camera Price
Dome CCTV Camera are commonly used for indoor security. These cameras are typically not conspicuous and but visible. When an intruder enter the premises, he cannot identify the recording direction of the cctv camera.

This type of camera will automatically warn the intruder. Dome camera cover wide area. This guy is more popular than any.

CCTV Price Range Starts From – Rs 1199/-

Bullet CCTV Camera Price:

Bullet Camera are long and cylindrical in shape. The application is to cover longer distance and they shoot the footage from a fixed position. You can tilt and use zooming option from this type of camera. In Most scenario’s Bullet Camera are fitted outdoor to tackle harsh environment like rain, sun, snow.

Price Range Starts From – Rs 1299/-

C – Mount lens Type CCTV Camera Price

Fully Customization type, you can change the lens of your cctv camera. Most CCTV Camera cover a area of 40 to 50 fts. If you need to cover longer distance with clarity, you can change the lens types which suits your need.

Price Range Starts From – Rs 4999/-

Day and Night CCTV Camera Price:

Do you have surrounding with poor lighting, don’t worry about it. The Infra-red technology in Day/Night CCTV Camera is capable of shooting the video or images in different lighting conditions. Footage will be good even at night. Day/Night CCTV are outdoor cameras which can tackle sun reflection or glare.

Price Range Starts From – Rs 1399/-

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera Price:

Infra-red Led’s in the camera have the ability to capture video even in too dark conditions. Infrared cctv are for outdoor purpose when you have zero light, during night.

Price Range Starts From – Rs 2299/-

Network CCTV Camera Price:

Most advanced technology, cctv without wire ie., wireless cctv. IP Cameras Transfer the footage through internet. Network/IP cameras are easy to fit, and it can compress the bandwidth the transfer the data. When you premises is long you can install IP/Network type cameras, it can save wire cost too.

Fittings become easy with IP/Network type of Cameras

Price Range Starts From – Rs 2399/-

Wireless CCTV Camera Price

Wireless CCTV transfer the data through transmission signal. These camera don’t use internet for transmission. In India, Internet Connection in remote area’s are not possible, at the same time even in cities we cannot guarantee of Internet 24/7. This camera is extremely easy to install and it’s wireless.

Price Range Starts From – Rs 2499/-

Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV Camera Price:

PTZ Camera are movable. There are variations of these cameras that are programmable and are manually controllable. This allows viewers to have more freedom and control on viewing things

Price Range Starts From – Rs 3299/-

Pan Tilt Zoom CCTV Camera Price:

PTZ Camera are movable. There are variations of these cameras that are programmable and are manually controllable. This allows viewers to have more freedom and control on viewing things

Price Range Starts From – Rs 3299/-

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